Don’t Go Hungry In Atlanta Georgia With These Restaurants To Choose From

Atlanta, Georgia is going to show you around to some great restaurants if you are ready. While you can pick and choose from what looks good, I’m going to tell you what is good. Chops Lobster Bar is American seafood at its finest, and the establishment is located over on W Paces Ferry Road. Lobster, crab cakes, steak and more await you as you get ready for a great meal. Of course you can’t stop after eating there because we have plenty more restaurants around the city of Atlanta to visit.

You aren’t going to be hungry and want to go to another restaurant right now after that meal, but you can certainly save this pick for later. Alma Cocina on Peachtree Street is known for its tacos, butternut squash, guacamole and more according to the reviews. Don’t you think that sounds absolutely delicious? It does to me, but hey, we can’t stop there either. There is another top Atlanta establishment on the way, and its name is Aria.

Aria is on Paces Ferry Road like the first restaurant, but it is on the east end not the west end. Aria is a fine dining establishment, so it is time to order up that steak with the foie gras and enjoy the tasting menu at the same time. Doesn’t that sound like a good evening to you? It does to me, but it’s not always a night for fine dining. Sometimes you just have to find the nearest pizza joint so that the kids stop screaming.

Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria could be your spot if that’s the case. There are some other great pizza places in Atlanta, too, many of them, but you just ran into the #31 restaurant in the entire city. Don’t just grab some pizza while you are there. Enjoy salads, garlic knots, wings and much more.
Then it is on to JCT Kitchen, which is located on Howell Mill Road. The menu for this place seems really cool, and the review highlights on a top travel site mention angry mussels. This establishment serves up some delicious fried chicken and much more, so it is time to get your fill. If you are ready, pick and choose from among these fine Atlanta restaurants, and we will bring you more. If you are ever hungry driving through any particular part of Atlanta, you are going to know where to go.


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